Hi. I’m Dr Aisha Malik, founder of Doctors in Business and I am dedicated to getting doctors and medics more visible online.


Because I believe in us as a collective and that in this fast-paced digital age we can change the NHS and the world from our clinic rooms.

Because I know there are hundreds of inspired, creative and innovative medics out there with work that is crying out to be seen.

Work that can create real impact in the world around us.

After launching a brick and mortar business I immersed myself in the world of digital marketing (after hiring unsuccessfully) and have done everything from running successful Facebook ad campaigns to launching online products. And I would love to share this expertise with you and your business or side jam.

And if you are one of those individuals I would love to hear from you.

We have been proudly featured on

BBC, The Guardian,  ITV,  Legacy 90.1 radio, Manchester Evening News, Feedpost, Manchester International Festival.

About Dr Aisha Malik

Dr Aisha Malik is a sessional GP in Manchester, co-founder and presenter of the Doctor’s Hour on Legacy 90.1 BAME community radio, and social media strategist for doctors and healthcare organisations.

Her work has been featured in the local and national press and she is the creator of an award-winning YouTube Channel for the dance niche Capoeira, by Feedspot.

When not running around her three children and eccentric husband, she is on a mission to get her fellow medics seen, heard and influencing in the online space.

You can find Dr Aisha on these platforms: