Resilience by physicians, for physicians….

This month I had the pleasure of contributing to this super cool project for the 100 word project, delivering in 100 words or less what it means to be resilient as a healthcare professional. My entry read as follows:

Resilience is creating space for the things that matter. The key is to declutter. Declutter your schedule to allow uninterrupted moments of time with loved ones. Declutter your home to make space for a beautiful piece of artwork. Declutter your ‘to-do’ list down to the bare essentials. Release toxic work and personal relationships to nurture and replenish your own stores. In releasing what does not serve us, we become the best version of ourselves, ready to serve others for the long run.  


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At the Doctors In Business HQ we have been having a lot of fun working with creative, visionary doctors with a mission to be heard and seen. Watch this space as we will be reporting soon on some of the awesome results we’ve been getting.

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