On celebrating wins and promises that you can’t keep.

Ever made a promise you can’t keep? 

No, me neither haha.



Hey there Doctor in Business!

Hope you are having a great week!

Last week I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with the fantastic Dr Gandalf of e-GP learning.

In celebration of my acceptance on to the NHS clinical entrepreneur programme, he has roped me into recording a video blog for all my fellow GPs that might want to apply for next year.

And so I’m writing this for some public accountability: as it all kicks off this week. (Quick update: I’m still working out whether this will be a contemporaneous blog, or intermittent, so bear with me:-).

For anyone that doesn’t know, the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme nurtures innovation from within the workforce.

It was a tough selection process via video, application forms, pitching, and a definite ‘grilling’ by an interview panel.

Considering that Hamza is only just 10 months old, to say that I had my work cut out is an understatement.

One of my reasons behind applying really were in honour of the fact that I honestly believe that grassroots GPs are ideally placed to lead innovation. Because we actually see where the problems are, and we are a creative bunch that given half the chance can actually fix things and innovate from within the healthcare system.

As is often the case I didn’t really have time to celebrate, and so reflecting on the ‘win’ during the interview with Dr Gandalf was a lovely way of leaning in to the sensation of actually registering the win.

So when he asked me to do the video blog at first, I was like ‘eek! I can’t do that!’ Then I was like, ‘Sure I can’. Because if I can get onto this programme, I know that there are countless numbers of other GPs that can too, and we can change things from the ground up.

So I made the promise.

And I’m going to keep it.

And so over to you.

Any wins this week? Did you take time to celebrate? (Even if, like me, celebration these days is as simple as creating enough time to not have to snort my coffee through the tidal wave of stuff that needs doing).

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