Pause… and then create!


Pause for a minute.

No ACTUALLY, pause. 

It’s usually WAY harder than it should be, isn’t it?

With the cacophony of things running through our brains, meetings to attend to, emails to send and kids to pick up, pausing often suddenly becomes a skill in itself.

Doing nothing? Really? A skill? I hear you ask?


And I think it becomes that way because we don’t really allow ourselves to pause.

And we wear our busy-ness like a badge of honour.

Until we’re all busied out and we crash and burn.

And really, who does that help?

No one, obviously.

Allowing yourself to pause is the first step towards regaining the skill.

And making it a daily habit is when the magic really starts to happen.

Because the resulting mind shift is when the creative sparks fly.

Whether it’s meditation, running, taking a walk, origami or whatever.

(For me it’s spending time in the studio).

Making space to create, is necessary.

Making time to be, is necessary.

Learning to pause, is non-negotiable if you want your creativity to flourish.

So today, challenge yourself to pause.

That project on the bench impatiently waiting for your attention for as long as you can remember, will thank you.

Dr Aisha Malik

Founder, Doctors In Business

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